Use and care


Our Mica Claudius ceramic ovens are fired at 1015 °C for an hour uninterrupted.
By following the use and care instructions and recommendations below, your Claudius will last you a whole lifetime.

1. Handling the oven

Always use oven gloves.
When handling a hot Claudius, always wear oven mitts or heat-resistant gloves.
Take care when opening your ceramic oven if it contains hot bread.
When baking both normal bread and steamed bread, pay special attention to a possible build-up of steam inside the dome.
Always place it on a dry surface.
When your Claudius oven is hot, never place it on wet surfaces to avoid thermal shock, which could cause it to break.
Always keep the Claudius out of reach of children.
Ensure children are out of the kitchen when handling the ceramic oven, especially when hot.

2. Cleaning the oven

Only apply water to the dome when cool.
Never wet your Claudius oven when it is still hot, since it could cause a thermal shock resulting in cracks or breakage.
Stains from usage.
Due to the high porosity of the clay body, it is normal for marks to appear on your Claudius over time.
Cleaning tools.
Remove scraps of burnt bread by wetting the Claudius with water only and by using a nylon scouring pad or a soft-bristle brush (not metal) with a small amount of bicarbonate of soda.
Store it with the dome upside down.
After use and once it has cooled down, remove any scraps of bread and store the Claudius in a dry place with the dome in an upside-down position on top of the base plate so that it is not closed.
Not suitable for dishwasher.
At Mica we recommend not putting your Claudius in the dishwasher, because the high porosity of the clay body means that it may absorb chemical substances, altering the aroma of any bread that is subsequently baked.
Do not use washing-up liquid.
Due to its high porosity, the unglazed parts of the clay body may absorb the washing-up liquid. Therefore, only use hot water and bicarbonate of soda to wash your Claudius oven.

3. How to use the ceramic oven

Bread made the traditional way.
The Claudius oven is designed exclusively for bread in all its different forms (crusty, steamed, multi-grain, wholegrain, etc.). Although you can experiment, we do not recommend using anything other than the usual breadmaking ingredients, since clay has a memory and the unglazed parts may absorb aromas and alter the flavour of any bread you subsequently bake.
Two-year warranty.
All Claudius ovens are handmade in Spain according to traditional methods. Due to their handmade nature, some products may have manufacturing defects or air bubbles may have formed in the clay. If this occurs, the Claudius will fracture upon first use, due to the effect of the heat emitted from your oven. Although the chances of this happening are very low, it is covered by the warranty and in such cases we will replace the oven at no additional cost.